8SECONDS Twill Stitch Line Pinafore Dress - Brick

This is a pinafore dress that has given point with stitch line on firm twill cotton material It is an item great to be stylized while coordinating with various inner wears and it has added cute sense with pocket detail on the front.

Colors on the image cuts are more accurate than on the images of the product worn by the model.



It is a pinafore dress that presents lively sense due to its given point with button detail on the front and stitch line.

It is capable of composing a casual look of refreshing sense while coordinating with shirt, knit, and others.

It has added cute sense with practical sense due to its big pocket detail.

It presents firm fit sense due to its 100% twill cotton.

Product Info

  • Above season information is based on Korean region.
    Spring 13°C (55°F) / Summer 26°C (79°F) / Fall 15°C (59°F) / Winter -3°C (27°F)

Actual Size Unit cm

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Model Size

  • Model Size

    • 170cm
    • 48kg
    • 21in

    Model Wear

    • Top S
    • Bottom 67cm

Product Information

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SIZE 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 ASIAN (mm) 230 235 240 245 260 265 270 275 EUR 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
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